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At ITQAN Academy, we are committed to not only teaching, but to work with our guests and participants to grow their skills using both practice and theory, on the hands on field experts.

our course costs are 15% lower than our competitors, without sacrificing quality.

Competitive Pricing

We combine exceptional quality with affordable prices that are 15% lower than competitors.

Accessible ONLINE

Learn online live, and when the training is done, you get access to the recorded content.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Not satisfied with the results? We will sign you up for free in an upcoming session.


All our trainings are beginner-friendly. You don't need any requirements to join one of our sessions.

University Prof at the Higher Institute Of Technological Studies of Tozeur, CEO @ ITQAN Labs
Ahmed Nefzaoui
Senior Engineer at ITQAN Labs, Instructor at ITQAN Academy
Jaber Zarif